Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Yes, my friends, tonight was the night!

Me and Reid, who were going to meet Jackie and Ines, WHO COULDT COME AT THE LAST MINUTE, spent two hours in Starbucks, and it was great.

I gave Jill the CD...and get this. STARBUCKS sends out CDs for the Store's music that can only be played int he CD player...AND THE CD'S EXPIRE!! HOW CRA-ZY IS DAT?

So they played my CD on the speaker outside...and yes, we all danced to it.

Jill cut her hair...but she's still hot.

Then,kids from three months ago were outside of Starbucks. These kids wnated to fucking kick our asses, and they were out there, waiting for us. My God, were me and Reid fucking paranoid. It was great.

There were four women working. Jill, and three others. All them are pretty cool. So as me and Reid were leaving, we had to walk over to the restauraunt, and the kids were waiting. So, Jill grabs a broom, and the three others run out with us and gaurd us as we walk off! It was classic.

I spent all my money there, I am officialy broke.

Starbucks has my Christmas CD. Wonder if they'll play it...

I *wub* Jill.

I *Wub* Starbucks.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Week Of Bucks Getting Closer

As the week of no school gets closer (tomorow, today is Sunday), I've come to a startling conclusion...does Jill work at Starbucks only on Weekends???? Then I will never be able to give her the CD!!

Ok, calm down...we will find out soon.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

A Nice Cup 'O Coffee Would Be Swell Right Now...

I'm sorry.

Yes, it has been awhile since my last and yes, I am sorry.

Tomorow, Friday, is my last day of school before the vacation.

Next week we shall be venturing to the movies more than once, I promise, and Starbucks will be the main attraction.

Until then...

Saturday, December 11, 2004

No Starbucks Cheer... :(

I have terrible news to report.

This weekend will be Starbucks-less.

[Not true, actually. I'm in Queens and tomorow I am going to a place that has a Starbucks in it, but this blog is devoted to the Starbucks near me]

Next weekend, I promise I will got to Starbucks before Vacation, though during the first week of vacation (Not this week, but next!!!), I'll probabbly be in Starbucks everynight, due to us going to the look forwards to then! (Soon, I promise!)

Thursday, December 09, 2004

The Days Loom Closer, and Starbucks Is A-Glowing

Yes, Christmas is getting ever-closer, and Christmas gifts are the task at hand.

I've decided to get everyone something from Starbucks, the christmas coffee, perhaps some mugs, etc.

But you have to realize, this will be expensive.

I've decided to do this then:

-Anyone married will recieve one (1) gift that both can enjoy. (I.E. Coffee, Appliance)

-Non-married people will get either Mug or Teddy bear. And not a cheap mug, a good one.

So this all will hopefully add up somewhere along the lines of 18 dollars...hopefully.

Now, Friday is tomorow, and Jill is ever closer. (Jill is decribed in post Number One). I hope we can go, but if not, there are other days.

Yes, other days...

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Let It Snow, Starbucks Style, Please

As the week slowly creeps by, you must take into account the philosophy of Starbucks:

Artsy, indie, coffee house.

I guess you can say that about them. It's kind of a place where wehn you enter, you'll know the Christmas music won't be your normal, mail order Christmas CD. It's all the songs, Starbucks-ized.

Nope, it's not just any "Let It Snow". It's the very Jazzy edition.

If you decide to buy those little things lining the front counter, you'll see that in your hands is a little bear magnet dressed up for the cold.

So why bother?

Because, Starbucks doesn't do Christmas any regular way.

It has this speacial aura of Christmas.

Why else would I be doing this blog?

Back to Christmas presents.

If I buy everything from Starbucks, because they have exactly what I need, I think it will be moderatly expensive. (But don't forget the half-off for the holidays.)

...I don't think my $18 Starbucks Card will work for this one.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Reign of the 'Bucks at Christmas Time

An artiticle I found online stated that Starbucks's Christmas Mix is extremley popular, and online, it's practicaly un-getable.

Well, that's why I bought it at the store, of course!

It's actually pretty damn good.

I've found out today I might not being seeing Jill anytime soon this Friday, sicne a party may be happening at my place. I painted the cover of the mix tape for her. Is it not obvious how much I like her?

(Oh yes, and I wouldn't really say "tape", more like "CD"'s all good Christmas music.)

And I've decided to buy my family present's for Christmas from Starbucks.

I am just too nice of a person. Now bow down to me.